Anna's Garden Blueberries

The fresh season is from mid-April through mid-July. We also have Satsumas (type of citrus fruit, usually seedless) in November and December.

We grow and pick fresh blueberries on our farm. Fresh blueberries are sold locally at our farm, located in Wilcox County, GA.

Anna’s Garden is a Georgia Grown farm and has the highest standard of food safety with the Primus 3.2 audit for our farm.

Welcome to Anna's Garden

Anna’s Garden is a blueberry farm in Wilcox County, GA established in 2012 by Steve McIntyre and Hank Cook. The farm has now grown to 74 acres of high bush and rabbit eye blueberries.

 We have 30lb poly bags of frozen blueberries. Presently, they must be picked up at our farm. Contact Food Safety Director, Beth McQuaig-McIntyre for more information.

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